Back Fat Workout

Upper body workouts become an addiction after you start to see your muscles peeking out. I used to passionately dislike upper body days; legs were so much easier and I could push myself the hardest through them. But, upper body is very difficult for most women at the beginning of their fitness journey. This is because we do not have the same hormones our male counterparts have, who can almost automatically do pull ups towards the beginning of their journey, which stinks >:( BUT, never fear, we can totally get there! I love to work with my clients on progressing to pushups and pullups, and in order to achieve those goals we have to work out the whole upper body. So let’s start with a back workout 🙂

Let’s breakdown the workout..

Warmups are a huuuuge part of the workout–prep your muscles before you start getting down to business! Lat pulldowns incorporate a large chunk of the back and prime it for your workout.

From dropsets–what you do is one set of those 12 reps, and then immediately lower the weight, and do another 15 reps. You’ll feel a difference between the two weights that’ll make you say whaaaaaatt??? but don’t worry, that’s what you’re supposed to feel, haha.

Another question that may pop up from y’all is “Why are some exercises 15-12-10?” I like to incorporate a mix of endurance and strength training into my workouts. This way you’ll be able to build your strength through those lower rep ranges while “toning” through the higher ranges. It’s the best of both worlds, y’all.

This should take you anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Take your time, give yourself those breaks between sets and reps, and enjoy getting a nice, sleek v-shaped back 🙂



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