Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Before I even start this post, let me tell you something that’ll help you with your anxiety/negativity on why you’re remaining the same or gaining weight from working out–this is perfectly normal, and NOT a bad thing.

It doesn’t make you fat. It doesn’t mean you’re not doing well with dieting. For the past two years, I’ve remained the same weight, while my body changed, and my muscles began to appear and my stomach began to shrink and define. That number on the scale does not determine how well you’re doing. 🙂

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Let’s talk a little bit about muscle vs. fat.

A pound of muscle is the same weight as a pound of fat. Think about that for a second–they’re both a pound. BUT, the amount of space they take up in your body varies tremendously! A pound of muscle is more compact than a pound of fat; imagine having a hand in a fist and another hand out in a “high five”. The fist would be a pound of muscle, and the “high five” hand (haha, great terminology) would be the pound of fat.

So, when you see your body “shrink” (through monthly measurements) but you aren’t seeing the change you want on the scale, this is when you can determine that you are gaining muscle–not fat. In fact, you’re most likely losing fat as well.

Some clients will say to me, “Why does my weight keep increasing?? Why is my weight the same as two months ago? My measurements are going down!” This is the reason why–and it’s a damn good reason if you ask me!

Not losing weight from working out isn’t always what you think it is–when you’re so hard on yourself to lose weight, and then see that scale go up or remain the same, you want to pull your hair out! But there’s no reason to, because your body is working in your favor.

Treadmills are such a curse for people who aren’t planning on competing, because we begin to obsess with the number on the scale. We’ve heard for years “I have to lose weight” that we don’t realize that not losing weight isn’t always a bad thing! Sometimes it’s the exact opposite.

When to Start Thinking About a New Workout Routine

If your measurements and body fat percentage are the same as before, then you have to change things up a bit. This is the only time I would be concerned with someone’s workout routine, because if you aren’t changing at all, then something isn’t right.

It can always be your lifestyle habits and exercise routine, and is something I’d recommend to look into if you aren’t seeing results at all. You can check out my posts about reasons why you aren’t seeing results and whether it’s your diet (and how to reach your goals without dieting) to help you on your journey and make sure things are as they should be.

Have you gained, remained, or lost weight on your fitness journey?


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