The 5 Best Habits to Start this Year!

“It takes 21 days to create a habit”–I’ve heard this saying a lot! You gotta keep doing something over and over again for it to become a habit (and hopefully it’s a good one!). Makes sense, doesn’t it?

BUT what you don’t realize is that those “21 days” are difficult. It’s a journey and if you really want it, you will fight through thick and thin to reach it. THOSE are the people who are able to change their habits. That will is what separates those who go to the gym and crush their goals, and those who go for a week and then find themselves with no time (or desire) to go back.

If you really want to get fit and be the healthiest you’ve been, there are a couple habits you can learn that will let you feel (and look) your best. And they’re not difficult at all!

Change “can’t”s to “don’t want”s

I can’t have that piece of cake


I don’t want that piece of cake

See how different two phrases can be? One sounds shaming, like you’re not allowed to have cake, or have fun (because cake + fun go hand in hand), whereas not wanting the cake is your own desire. It’s what you truly want–not what you think is best.

For me, this change definitely made an impact on my life and how I feel about the choices I make. When you can’t do something, you’re more likely to think about it more, and feel like rebelling just to get that satisfaction, and then feel guilty about it. But, if you say, “I don’t want this whole pizza” (this is something I would definitely be fighting, just saying), it’s easier to turn the other cheek, because you chose whether or not you got the pizza. If I can’t eat that pizza, you’re damn sure I will rebel and buy the pizza 😉 BUT if I don’t want the pizza, then no hard feelings, pizza, I was more in the mood for sushi.

Carry a water bottle with you

Everywhere I go I have my water bottle with me–it’s become auto-pilot, and I now take it to restaurants and doctor’s visits by accident (whoops!) and don’t realize until later on.

Your body contains a large amount of water. If you’re dehydrated, you will not perform your best. Your body loves water! So give it to your beautiful bod. I have two Shaker Bottles that I carry around with me all the time, so that if I’m ever thirsty I’ll go straight to water, and stay away from sodas and Dunkin Donuts (which is another reason why to bring it with you!).

Put yourself first

If you have kids, this can get tricky. We all need our own selfish me-time, no matter what age we are or what life we live. If we want to do great things in life, we have to put ourselves first and tend to our own needs and desires. Get yourself some new clothes, pamper yourself to a manicure, get a massage, sit in nature–whatever pertains to you. Just give yourself some time alone so that you can be with yourself (which should feel awesome), and you’ll feel AMAZING. You deserve taking time for yourself 🙂

Sleep without the phone

Sleep is vital for you to see results from all the workouts and clean eating you do. If you don’t sleep, your body won’t be able to function optimally. Those gains you work so hard towards could be plateaued. A lot of us (me included) sleep with our phones right by our side, and those ringtones and vibrations only wake us back up. We need that deep sleep with no interruptions–just sleep.

While it may be tempting to say “well what this happens or that happens” and all these anxieties we get from living in a social, impatient world, your messages will still be there when you wake up. Disconnect for your own sake (and sanity).

Take breaks

Say you’re tired after a long week, and you “have” to go to the gym. If you’re really run down, and you just don’t have the energy you usually do, give yourself a break. Allow your body to recover. Sometimes we work so hard and don’t give our bodies the rest they need, and it’s important we notice when our bodies are asking for some TLC. So, don’t be afraid to give yourself an unplanned rest day. Just don’t let that become a habit!


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