Sprint Workout for Beginners: In/Outdoors

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful start of the week, and got some good workouts in! I was able to do both a back workout and a sprint workout on Monday and realized during my sprints that beginners probably didn’t know how to start sprinting. Or why to start sprinting.

Sprinting promotes fat loss and keeps muscles

Since sprinting takes such a toll on your body, and it’s energy systems, you burn more calories in less time. This means that if you’re short on time, you can get a quick workout in and reap some good benefits.

I get that sprinting can look intimidating (you’re running as fast as you can for the most part), but it’s always worth trying new things. And this can help you to reach your goals faster than you’d think 😉

Make sure you eat a snack beforehand and allow it some time to digest–nothing worse than puking on a track, am I right? (Thankfully haven’t been there)

Let’s do this!

I’ve created a little pin that has everything you need so it’s all in one place for your workout 😉

Why do I have to warm up?

Warm-ups are SO important and they are one of the most neglected parts of a workout. In order to prevent injury and any sudden strains/sprains, you need to warm-up. Especially if you want to feel fine after sprints!

Warm-ups will warm up your muscles so that they are primed and ready for your workout. They also increase your range of motion–in this case, the length of your stride. Don’t you want to sprint faster so that you can get it over with quicker?? I know I do!

The workout

30 meters is about 100 feet (if Google is correct). You can figure this out by using your own feet or estimating it.

I alternated which foot I used to begin each sprint so they were both totally burned out by the end. This will help your legs to both be near the same strength, as we all know we don’t have two legs with the same power and strength (same goes with your arms).

Give yourself 2-3 minutes to recover between sprints. This sounds like a lot, but when you’re doing the workout you’ll quickly realize it’s nowhere near that slow! The energy system we’re using for this workout burns out very fast, so we need more rest than we would if we were doing circuit workouts or constant cardio.

Post workout meal

I like to eat an actual meal after sprint workouts because of how taxing they are. I recommend giving yourself a source of protein (meat) and some vegetables.

Isn’t that easy?! That’s all you need for a sprint workout–nice and easy, about 20-30 minutes depending on how long you rest between each sprint, and then you’re done!

Do you like sprint workouts?


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