Ab Workout: Plank Workout Challenge!

As if plank alone wasn’t enough, today I am going to share with you a plank workout! Planks are great at building the core while working your total body. With these plank variations we will be working the WHOLE core. It’s a quick workout that will leave your abs crying.

While planks are pretty hard when you’re first starting off, regular planks can get a little.. boring. So working on plank variations is always a fun challenge and will make your workout more interesting.

We’ll be working out the whole core. This workout can be for any fitness level, as all the exercises can be modified on the knees.

Have fun! 🙂


Plank Workout Breakdown

  • Plank–the standard plank. Keep your body in a straight line and hold it for 30 seconds, keeping your stomach sucked in.
  • Mountain climbers–in order for abs to show, we need to shed the layer of fat that’s on them–this is where cardio comes in! Bring one knee in, and out, and alternate legs. If you can, do them at a quick pace. If you’re starting out, bring that foot of the tucked knee to the ground, and “walk” alternate.
  • Plank twists–start in a plank on your forearms. Twist your torso so that one hip comes to the ground, and switch sides. Try your best to let only your hips twist, and not your whole body.
  • Plank reaches–back to planking on your hands and feet, bring one arm straight ahead of you. Switch sides.

I’d recommend exercising your core around 2-3 times a week. Like your calves (and for some people, shoulders) these muscles can be exercised more constantly than other muscle groups, like your legs, chest, back, etc. because they are smaller muscles.

How’d you do?


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