Home Gym Essentials: The Bare Minimum You Need

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There’s nothing better than having your own home gym! No excuses that you can’t get to the gym, because you have everything you need, right in the comfort of your own home!

Now, if you’re working out at home because you don’t like going to gyms because of all the “muscle heads” and onlookers, read my article here. There’s nothing wrong with gyms, and they have everything you would ever need in any workout you find, so don’t let others impact whether or not you go to one 🙂

Home gyms are good for when you can’t afford a gym membership, or as a supplementation to a gym. Again, gyms have everything you need, so it’s best to still go to one, but the things you can accomplish with a home gym are phenomenal.

I would just like to say, I am a big fan of Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you are golden! I really enjoy their quick shipping services and the prices they give you. I provide links to all the equipment I 100% support in case you are interested in buying something for your home gym. You don’t have to buy through my links, but if you do, it would help me out a little bit and would be appreciated. 🙂

What You Need for a Home Gym

  • Dumbbells

    I grew up with dumbbells as the only equipment we had in our house! You can literally do anything with the right weight with dumbbells–squats, deadlifts, lunges, chest presses, rows, seriously anything you can think of, you can do with dumbbells! I’d recommend getting 8-10 lb dumbbells, as these will give you the challenge you need when you’re beginning

    • Dumbbells can get expensive fast–I bought two 8 lb dumbbells for $20 total! What I like better is having an adjustable dumbbell set so that once you get stronger and need heavier weights, you can just change them without having to buy another set. I’ve attached a link to an adjustable dumbbell set so that you can see what they look like and how much better of a deal it is 🙂
      • I don’t have a pair that I’m comfortable with suggesting buying, because my set is super old, and they don’t make it anymore. I’d recommend looking around Amazon for a nice pair–check the reviews! They are always helpful.

  • Pull-up bar attachment

    Pullup bars are easy to attach to one of your doors and are very secure. You can easily progress to pullups on your own by using a chair to help lift you. My pullup bar attachment helped me finally be able to do a pullup on my own!

      • This is the one I have: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar . I’ve never had a problem with it, it feels secure (doesn’t feel like it will make you fall), and the handles are really nice and comfy! Totally recommend.
  • Bands

    Bands are such underdogs nowadays. Like dumbbells, you can do pretty much anything with bands! I use them with almost all of my clients because they can really give the workout a different feel. You have to try new things in order to see results, which I touch on in this post here.

      • If you’re interested in buying bands (both for legs and upper body), this package has a great array and is only $25.99! I remember buying one, just ONE band for $18 dollars, and this price makes me want to cry a little. I wish I had done this set instead of buying individually. Not only do you get the bands, but also hand and ankle attachments, so you have more exercises you can do with them! I will most likely buy this within the next month or so and use them in future workouts I post on here.
      •  Buy this set here.

In regards to other things you might consider, you don’t need treadmills or cardio machines (you can do any cardio with no equipment, like HIIT workouts or even walking/running outside! Get some Vitamin D!). You might have stairs or a bench for step ups and bench dips, and dumbbells can be used as medicine balls. You don’t need a lot to start a home gym. You just need a couple heavier weight items and some motivation deep down to succeed.

I hope these help you with building your own home gym! These are still the only three things I ever really need when I workout at home, and I always get a great workout in. It’s not too costly, and you still get results 🙂

Do you have a home gym? What equipment do you like to use?


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