Leg Workout for Home (& Printable!)

Leg day–ah, it brings a smile to my face.

I’m pretty well known for giving tough leg workouts. A lot of my female clients look forward to leg days with me after seeing their progress and results! So you’re in the right place if you want to tone your legs and get some nice definition 🙂

Now, don’t worry–this isn’t going to kill you. We are going to do some leg exercises that’ll create a nice foundation for your legs to build of off and get stronger from. These aren’t all exactly beginner exercises, either (it’s a bit of everything!), which is good if you’re trying to get out of beginner stages! This’ll give you a taste of what else is out there in the fitness realm.

I know how hard it can be to workout the legs at home sometimes, so I am giving a full leg workout, at home, that you can do with a couple bands/weighted items!

My friend Monica, from Fit Girls Diary, made a very detailed post giving a complete overview of training legs. She has a great outline of everything you’ll need in order to have a great leg workout, including variations so that you don’t have any excuses for not doing an exercise 😉

You can check out Monica’s advice and tips here, as she explains more about the exercises and variations than I will be doing in this post.

Let’s get to it!

Leg Workout

You’ve got 3 rounds! Easy, right?

The day after this workout I felt pretty sore, which was a nice kind of sore (I’m kind of weird–but I think most of us fitness junkies are, anyways!), so make sure to stretch afterwards to prevent any extra soreness. Get some water, print out my guide, and have fun!!

Great news–this is a PRINTABLE! Meaning you can print it out so you have it when you’re ready to workout! (Go me for learning new things! Lol).

Download the printable here.

 A couple notes…

Warmup–squat walks are simpler than they may sound. You are in a squat and move to the right (about 10-12 times), still down in as low a squat as possible, and then walk to the left. You are always in a squat (you’ll feel the burn fast!). This is to activate those leg muscles so that they’re ready for the workout and are less prone to strains/injury.

Why the backpack?

I use a backpack because I can control the weight of it. I like to go pretty heavy, so if I can’t do leg day at a gym, I need to get creative with what items I can use to make my backpack heavier. Also having it on your back gives your wrists a sigh of relief (because holding heavy weights can be a big pain at times). It doesn’t matter that it’s on your back either–what matters is that you have the extra weight somewhere on your body. As long as it’s above your legs, your legs will take the extra amount into consideration.

It might also be a good idea to look into weighted vests, as they won’t be as big as backpacks and they’ll feel comfier than a loaded pack.

Ankle weights/bands

Ankle weights are awesome! I don’t recommend the pair I have, though, because they don’t have any outer padding, so my shins really feel the weights digging into them. There are nicer pairs out there that have padding on them (I just happened to borrow these).

You can also you bands if they’re more readily available to you!

For leg extensions and leg curls, keep your knee in one place. Don’t let it move around–only your lower leg should be moving. Everything from the knee up should stay in one place. If you want to sit for the leg extensions, go for it! Just make sure that knee is still elevated and not touching the seat, though.

Sumo squats are squats with your feet farther out than hip width. Your feet and going to be pointed outwards (diagonally, almost making a V line with your body), and your going to squat straight down. This will concentrate more on your outer thighs/butt while still targeting the quads.

Gals, I hope y’all do try this workout out–it’s fun and takes little to no equipment, AND it’s super effective for toning your legs!

What’s your favorite leg day exercise?


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