Low Back Pain–How I Found Lasting Relief

What up y’all!

For about 8 years of my pubescent/teenage years, I had extreme low back pain. Pain to the point where I couldn’t stand or sit without feeling pain. Exercise seemed impossible to me–if I can’t even sit without pain, how am I supposed to get through a workout? I was taken out of gym classes some days because my back hurt so bad.

I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, massages, and gradually my back pain got better. The things I believe that helped the most were acupuncture, massages, exercise, and yoga.

Acupuncture started a long road of recovery for me (physical training I didn’t do too well at, considering I didn’t have a long attention span at that age! Haha).

Massages helped tremendously, combined with slowly getting into physical exercise. I believe massages were the #1 thing that helped me with my back pain, but what keeps that back pain at bay to this day is exercise and yoga.

Exercise helped me to build up the muscles in my back, as my lower back was obviously weak as heck. I worked on my back muscles as well as my core muscles, as your back is part of your core.

My tips to relieve back pain

  • Work on your core–do ab exercises. Your core contains many many muscles, mainly pertaining to your abs/obliques and your back. Yes, YOUR BACK. When you do ab exercises, you are also working your back–that’s why it sometimes hurts (and if your neck hurts, that means you’re using your neck, too, which you shouldn’t be!).
  • Stretch stretch stretch–stretching is so beneficial for you. When you work out your back, make sure you stretch your back–this will help to prevent tightness and possible cramps you can experience afterwards from training.
  • Yoga–like I said, yoga is something that has tremendously helped me keep away my low back pain. Cat and Dog, as well as Child’s pose, are just a few poses to name that will help you stretch your back and make sure the muscles back there relax.
  • Exercise! Walking helps SO MUCH. Seriously y’all, walk more! Walking helps to loosen those muscles down there so you aren’t as tight. I find nowadays that if my back is bothering me, it’s because I haven’t been exercising/I’ve been sitting all day writing posts (lol, let’s get real now). So, walking almost always helps any kinks in my back.

I know that low back pain stops a lot of people living comfortable, normal day lives–trust me, I’ve been there. But, just know that there are ways to get relief! Make sure you stay consistent, though, because consistency is what is going to help you get rid of that back pain for good. So, find something that fits into your lifestyle, and stick to it 🙂

I hope this helps y’all! I’ve had clients with low back pain really put limits on themselves because they feel they can’t do anything with it, but really, you have options. If you put your mind to it, you’ll be pain free in no time!


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