Protein Powder: Why You Need It + What to Buy

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What up y’all!

So you’ve probably heard one way or another that you should use protein powder, right? It’s all over Pinterest, Instagram stars promote it, and there are so many articles about protein powder and how you should have it with all of your snacks.

Let’s get some of the bulls%&* out of the way and get to some true facts you should know about protein powder, and I’ll give you some of my recommended faves below.

Protein powder will help you build muscle; NO, you aren’t going to bulk up, ladies–we don’t have the hormones to get as big as our counterparts unless we use steroids. Muscles aren’t something to be afraid of. In fact, that is what lets you looked tone and HOT! (and that’s what we all want, am I right? I know it is 😉 ).

And, to get that toned bod and nice definition, supplements like protein powder will make it easier to get there (and maintain it).

First off, you are going to experience a lot of crappy powders, and that’s ok–a lot of them from supermarkets that are about $10 are horrible–do not recommend. I started off with that stuff, and thought that’s that what you wanted, so when I got into better powders, I was like, holy sh*t! Where has this been all my life?!

Look For…

REVIEWS! Uh-duh.

Whenever I’m shopping for a new powder (sometimes I like to try other brands to see if there’s something better than what I’m using) I will look up bodybuilding’s website and the reviews people leave on the products/flavors. This is extremely helpful in picking a good powder and flavor.

This is my checklist I use for reviews to make sure I’m getting a protein powder I like:

  • Most popular (and highest rated) flavor among the reviewers on the first page (ex: chocolate was rated the highest by most of the reviewers)
  • No clumpiness/little clumping (it’s really not enjoyable to drink clumps of protein powder)
  • Is the flavor going to be good with add-ins for shakes? If I get cinnamon roll flavored protein powder, and use peanut butter, I can highly predict it’s gonna taste nast-ay. Be wise when choosing flavors (I don’t buy strawberry for this reason).

Whey or Casein?

These are two protein powders you will run into and wonder what the heck is the difference. Interestingly enough, there is quite a difference among the two!

To make this the easiest explanation, Whey digests super fast, making it really good to have after a workout.

Casein takes a long time to digest–people usually use this before they go to bed, so that they aren’t “starving their muscles” while they’re sleeping (yes, I’ve read this before, and yes, it makes logical sense).

Both products are milk based. These are the only two types of powders I have experience with. There are plenty other types of protein powders, like soy and pea. I don’t know anything about those though, so I’m not going to try and pretend like I do–you can find some advice elsewhere for those 😉

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy Casein. If you are just starting out, and want to get toned up and lose some weight, I would focus on just getting whey. I use my whey protein 95 times more than I use my casein, which is why I’d recommend getting whey if you wanted to purchase a protein powder.

My Protein Powder Recommendations!

CHEAP-Body Fortress Whey Protein

If you are really tight on money, this is the way to go. I’ve used this powder for over 2 years straight, which is saying something–trust me, I don’t stick to something for that long.

This is the cheapest price possible I’ve found. I’ve seen this for up to $20 at ShopRite, which I have shockingly bought (shaking my head at the $4 I could’ve saved).

I recommend Vanilla. I’ve heard bad things about Chocolate from my friends, and I don’t wish to experience it myself.

MORE EXPENSIVE-Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

ON is the way to go–seriously. So many people rave about ON, and you really don’t know until you try it!

I bought my Casein through ON and oh my goodness, this stuff smells like hot chocolate (and is SUPER filling!). You really can’t go wrong with this powder.

I hope this helps y’all when you’re looking for protein powders. Always remember that there are a ton of different brands, and they all taste different, so if one doesn’t taste too good to you, you always have another one you can try 🙂

What’s your favorite protein powder to use? Tell me in the comments!


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