Booty Building Hacks: How to Build Your Butt

What’s up y’all!

Almost every gym girl can relate to the I-want-a-bigger-butt syndrome that is currently plaguing gyms across the nation, am I right? Every time I am working out, I see at least two girls working on their booty game. Heck, sometimes that what I think some girls only work on–in which case, remember that upper body love, too!

While I’m just playing around with y’all (although there is some seriousness in that paragraph above), everyone wants to know how to build their butt. It’s part of our society right now–all women are expected to have that huge butt and small waistline. Something that really isn’t achievable, but is expected from us.

Nonetheless, I want to say that you can definitely build your butt up–this is totally achievable for anyone who wants to do it. Here are some of my tips for building your booty and making them booty gains.

Single Leg Exercises

I am such a fan of single leg exercises–single leg deadlifts/squats/step ups (there’s no double leg for this exercise, but whatever), you know it! Your muscles have to work so much more to compensate for that missing leg, and target more muscles in that working leg than if you did, say a squat with both legs on the ground. While you should still do leg exercises involving both legs, trying mixing it up and adding single leg exercises.

Single leg deadlifts are amazing and super fun if you are looking for a challenge. This is also great if you have a home gym, because you won’t need such heavy weights. Double whammy.

Activate Your Booty!

A lot of people just go through exercises without really thinking about the muscles their using–you’re guilty of doing that, almost guaranteed.

Actually activate that muscle and tighten it when you use it. When you squat, squeeze your butt. Lunges, squeeze your butt and your quads (your thighs). Every exercise you do, you should be squeezing the muscle(s) you’re using.


There is so much bad talk about squats on YouTube, and I really don’t understand why. Just because squats “don’t work your butt as much as other exercises” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. Squats are a complete lower body movement, incorporating all the muscles down there, which includes, yes, your butt, too.

Do you know how many variations of squats there are? TOO MANY. Way too many.

My favorite squats are sumo squats. They really incorporate your glutes and, when you squeeze your butt, you’re sure going to feel it! Try adding them to your next workout and see how different they feel from traditional squats.

Booty exercises!

A lot of exercises I do that incorporate the butt are actually from pilates videos, mainly Blogilates (I love that girl and she’s got some great at home workouts!). These exercises include fire hydrants, butt kicks, and swiss ball thrusters. These three exercises target your butt exclusively, and will work those glutes.


Youtube has thousands of awesome pilates videos. One of my favorite people on YT is Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates. Girls, try one or two of her butt workouts and you’ll be feeling it! She also has plenty of beginner videos that are easy to follow and she’s really upbeat and fun!

I believe in pilates for a lot of things. It’s helped me really strengthen my core as well as help me shape my butt over the years. I started about 4 years ago and always try to concentrate on adding it to my weekly workout routine.


ewww, stairs.

There are a couple recommendations I have for you regarding cardio. Cardio ultimately makes you a smaller version of yourself (we do cardio to lose weight, don’t we?) and so you can expect for you butt to also become smaller.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you don’t have cardio butt-preserving (really? lol) options!

  • Stairmaster–duh. Go at a pace you’re comfortable with, as it’s really easy to burnout on the stairmaster.
  • Incline walking–this is just like if you were walking up a hill. Incline walking will not only burn fat but also give your boot-ay a little lift.
  • Sprints/interval running–I don’t sprint a lot, but I do like interval walk/jog/runs. You can start with 20 seconds on (running/jogging) and 30 seconds off (walking), and I’d recommend doing this outside, as treadmills can limit how much you push yourself.

In General..

  • Mix up exercises–try adding single leg exercises
  • Activate the muscles you’re targeting during your workout
  • SQUAT! Because why not?
  • Do exercises for the actual butt, in addition to leg exercises
  • Try pilates for butt-isolating workouts (and some more fun)
  • Still do your cardio 😉



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