Fitness Motivation: How to Stay Motivated

What up y’all!

I recently had a week of what’s-my-life-purpose that made me get anxiety and headaches allllll week long. It wasn’t fun at all. And I realize that a lot of y’all go through this, too. We wonder if we’re really doing the right thing, and second guess ourselves. We start to not enjoy what we used to as much. What happened?!

Personally, I burn myself out a LOT. That’s what killed my interest in learning languages (I taught myself 4 at my peak), made me change jobs several times, and has caused me to jump in and out of ultimate frisbee-one awesome ass sport.

It’s harder to recover from burnout than not trying hard enough. Please keep that in your mind.

Today I’m going to cover how to get back your motivation and prevent you from losing it ever again.

Too good to be true? Not at all. Let’s begin 🙂

Create a Dream Board

One thing that’s kept me on point with my goals and motivation is building a dream board. Gosh, are these fun to make.

I saw this idea on Pinterest years ago. You create a board filled with pictures of things you want to accomplish–some examples for me are training people (photos of personal trainers), sports, and languages. Seeing these things on a regular basis helps remind me what goals I’m after, which unconsciously puts them in the back of my mind throughout the day.

In fact, you could see Pinterest as one giant dream board! It’s got all the posts you love and has recommendations that you can post to your own boards. It keeps you motivated towards your goals without even realizing it.

Say you want to lose weight (you can see my post here about making a perfect weight loss schedule!) or want to build you butt up (which I have also written a post about)–what comes to mind when you think of those things? Find photos of those things that come to mind and put them into a board. Put it somewhere you know you’ll see it on a regular basis.

Make PERFECT Goals

Once you find that motivation again, what do you do? You make them smaller, more manageable. You break them down into bits that you can confidently achieve. We’ve all heard of SMART goals, so I’m not going to repeat that for the thousandth time.

When you make goals, make sure they are something you can do long term. People can exercise an hour a day for a whole week, sure, but what about a year? Is that something that person can easily achieve?

When I was a beginner in the fitness field, I obsessed everyday about whether or not I was seeing progress. I trained harder and harder, burnt out (but luckily I was able to bounce back fast) and realized that goals are not fast to obtain – slow and steady wins the race in the fitness realm.

Goals that would be reachable for anyone are these–lose 5 pounds in a month (I don’t particularly like this goal–you can read why in my post here), lose 2% body fat, eat dessert only once a week, and so on. See where this is going? It’s not something as vague as lose fat, getting toned, or getting a thigh gap.

Make sure your goals have a time limit. This adds a teeny bit of panic, as you know you have a “deadline” (but if you don’t make it, don’t be hard on yourself–learn what you need and work best with), and gives you something to work towards.

Work a Little, Everyday

If you work towards something little by little, every day, you will be amazed at how far you come in such a short amount of time. Doing something as little as adding a walking routine to your warm up, going to a group exercise class on lighter days, or doing another set really makes a huge payout.

I’m a GIANT fan of rest days–we all need to give our bodies a break after hard work, and it’s important to listen to your body. Just make sure that you are doing little things, everyday, that are helping your reach you end goal.

On those days off, you can work towards your goals by meal prepping for the week, making some easy and healthy snacks in little time, going out with the family, whatever tickles your fancy! Just make sure you’re having fun 🙂

We as humans overcomplicate every. single. thing. Life should be so much easier than we make it out to be, and we think we’re doing something wrong if it’s easy. I can guarantee that if you take my tips into consideration and work them into your life, you can accomplish any goal you have–easy.

What are some goals you are working towards?

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