Youtube Workout Videos: My Favorites

What up y’all! Happy Friday!

There are times where I don’t feel like going to the gym at all. Yes, us Personal Trainers have our days, too. Long days and little sleep affects us just the same, and our energy levels deplete hella fast when we’ve been training others where we don’t feel like training ourselves.

Enough said, if I find myself too lazy to go to the gym after a long day, I go to one of my favorite websites–Youtube–and find a workout video that gets me sweating and feeling good!

Workout videos I like to do are very different from the workouts I make for myself–they usually involve kickboxing, pilates, HIIT and cardio (you can’t get me to do cardio willingly, mind you 😉 ).

Let’s get onto some of my favorite Youtube workout videos, which I believe will become your favorites, too!

My Faves


HASFit should be so much more popular than it is–seriously. Their workouts are amazing, and they’ve given me ideas of what to do with some of my clients.

I did this workout and my body was sore. for. days. It was so good. I usually find it hard to stay with a workout video for 30 minutes, but this was so easy to follow, because it was so fun! The fast pace makes things go by so fast.


Y’all, I LOVE PILATES. There is no doubt that pilates has a special place in my heart. Since I found Blogilates, years years ago, I have loves it since, and it’s become a fun way to add a challenge to my workout routines. I sometimes do these after a full workout, so that I can burn out my core and possibly my butt.

Pilates is great for abs and butt–win for all the ladies out there. I know that these are the areas we especially like to work, and let me tell you–you’ll feel the burn in no time!

Cassey has tons of abs workouts that it’s hard to pick just one (and the same goes with her booty routines). If you do a couple back to back, it’ll be super fun and you’ll feel very accomplished by the end!


If I’m not able to play Ultimate Frisbee, my cardio is definitely going to come from two other areas–running or kickboxing.

Kickboxing is such a great workout for your heart. You get a great cardiovascular workout (meaning your heart gets some good benefits from your hard work!) from just 30 minutes of kickboxing, and your body will thank you for keeping it healthy and in tip top shape.

Coach Kozak (I believe) used to box, so having him do these kickboxing workouts is a real treat. He’s an amazing guy to follow. Not only is it kickboxing, but also ab/arm work, so you’re really feeling a total body burn at the end!

Millionaire Hoy is super energetic during his workouts, and seeing him get tired with you is a very nice touch to his videos. You can tell how much he struggles with you but he still kicks his own ass. He doesn’t stop no matter what, and that’s something I love about his videos. You can have one really hard workout, but that doesn’t mean you should stop when it gets tough!

So, what’re y’all doing today for your workout?! While today definitely feels like a lazy day for me, I’m going to get into the gym and do a back workouts (one similar to this one that I’ve shared with you).

Remember to get some rest this weekend, but also go outside and see the world! There’s plenty of things to do and plenty of trails to be explored 🙂

See you next week!


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