Monday Chit Chat: New Job, New Workout Program Coming!

Hey y’all!

I wanted to chat with you guys about a couple things that have been happening/are going to come up. First of all, I’ve been in the midst of switching gyms (yes, don’t worry, I’m still a personal trainer 😉 ). It’s been a crazy couple months but this was the right direction for me and I’ve just been going with the flow!

I also am back at school, and boy is it nuts. I’m at a brand new college, everything is completely different, and I love it. All of my classes are very exercise focused, which is obviously what I expected, and I enjoy it very much. My school also has 2, yes, 2 gyms, and they’re awesome! Whenever I have a chance, you know where I’m at.

This whole month I have Ultimate Frisbee tournaments that are taking up most of my weekends. We just had a charity tournament yesterday and won 1st place baby! One tourney down, and two more to go 😊

Here are a couple things that’ll be happening on Bay the Beast in the upcoming weeks and months:

  • New topic: Mental. I’ve been itching to do this for a while. As most of you already know, fitness journeys are only partly physical, and mainly a mental game. You have to focus on your goals in order to get to them, and the mental aspect of exercise is often overlooked. I am going to be working full force on this area so that y’all will have nothing holding you back from reaching your goals 😊
  • New workout program! Coming NOVEMBER, I will be emailing those signed up to my newsletter a workout guide they can follow for that week. Each Sunday, you will get a workout program/guidelines for the upcoming weekSIGN UP HERE!!!

I hope y’all are as excited as I am! I can’t wait for these next couple months and to help y’all out more on your fitness journeys!


Fitness Motivation: How to Stay Motivated

What up y’all!

I recently had a week of what’s-my-life-purpose that made me get anxiety and headaches allllll week long. It wasn’t fun at all. And I realize that a lot of y’all go through this, too. We wonder if we’re really doing the right thing, and second guess ourselves. We start to not enjoy what we used to as much. What happened?!

Personally, I burn myself out a LOT. That’s what killed my interest in learning languages (I taught myself 4 at my peak), made me change jobs several times, and has caused me to jump in and out of ultimate frisbee-one awesome ass sport.

It’s harder to recover from burnout than not trying hard enough. Please keep that in your mind.

Today I’m going to cover how to get back your motivation and prevent you from losing it ever again.

Too good to be true? Not at all. Let’s begin 🙂

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Monday Chit Chat : My EPIC Cheat Meal | New Morning Routine | New.. Makeup? | Putting Yourself First

What up y’all! Happy Monday 🙂

I’m thinking that I am going to start doing Monday “chit chat” posts so y’all can get to know me a little better and get a look into my life! This weekend was definitely an adventure and I want to share it.

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Active Rest Days: NYC

As the heat and humidity are at an all time high, I think about how just a little over a week ago I was in NYC. I strongly believe that active rest days are days to explore. Every weekend I try to go out somewhere exciting and just walk, run, whatever my heart desires. As long as I’m moving, and I’m outside (unless it’s as hot and humid as it is right now!), I’ll be a happy camper 🙂

The family and I went to New York City on a beautiful 75 degree (F) day and were not disappointed! The weather was so nice, and we walked about 7 to 8 miles. We went to Central Park and walked to Times Square. Here are a couple photos I was able to take that looked pretty rad!

If you don’t know already, I love taking pictures. I used to take photography classes, and prefer black and white film cameras, but digital photo taking has it’s pros as well. Anywho, let’s get back into my little trip! 🙂

Central Park

I love how everyone is just doing their own thing in Central Park–playing sports, watching shows, sunbathing–it’s all fascinating to me! Lol. Everyone is in their own little space and just doing what they want, and it’s awesome.

One big perk of Central Park is the shade–yeah, it was still nice out, but Summer is Summer for a reason 😉

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The 5 Best Habits to Start this Year!

“It takes 21 days to create a habit”–I’ve heard this saying a lot! You gotta keep doing something over and over again for it to become a habit (and hopefully it’s a good one!). Makes sense, doesn’t it?

BUT what you don’t realize is that those “21 days” are difficult. It’s a journey and if you really want it, you will fight through thick and thin to reach it. THOSE are the people who are able to change their habits. That will is what separates those who go to the gym and crush their goals, and those who go for a week and then find themselves with no time (or desire) to go back.

If you really want to get fit and be the healthiest you’ve been, there are a couple habits you can learn that will let you feel (and look) your best. And they’re not difficult at all!

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Working Out When You’re Sick A.F.

Working Out When You’re Sick A.F.

After a successful week of working out, hardcore, with no problems whatsoever, I got a double ear infection *insert sad face here*. I haven’t been sick for months, thank God, but once that infection hits it’s like seriously?! Could you not tell that I don’t have time to deal with sinus/ear infections?

Granted, I used to have chronic sinusitis, where I had them every. month. So, this is a lot more favorable for me. It still sucks though, haha.

So, after taking ONE DAY off from working out (yes, that’s a long time for me! LOL), I went to the gym today, ready to get through and chest and shoulder workout, even if that meant I’d be crawling out of the gym afterwards. And let me tell you–working out when you don’t feel your best is HARD. You probably know that by now, too.

Not only did I think it was a good idea to superset all my exercises and complete a burnout round, I also tried to use the weights that I last left off on. Not a good idea. I was doing incline bench presses with dumbbells and realized I had no energy whatsoever to lift what I usually do. So I had to go a little lighter–again, not bad, but still! I want my energy back!

Tomorrow is legs. That’ll be interesting. You can bet I’m going to be carb loading all day and taking some Aspirin for this nonstop headache. I know that I should stay home, let my body rest, but it’s really only my head that hurts. Ever have that? Where your whole body (minus your head) feels great, but you’re head feels like calling the shots. How selfish!

The gym is therapy, though. It’s my form of “me time” that helps me stay focused and happy. So, I guess you have to choose your battles, eh?

What the Florida Keys Taught Me

What the Florida Keys Taught Me

“Life is different in the Keys,” one of my clients told me before I was to leave to Florida. How different could it really be, though? It’s only Florida.

Well, let me say, my client was right–it is different, lol. It’s a lot more relaxed. For a young adult who’s always on GO and impatient, the Keys will teach you a lesson or two. But this isn’t going to be a dull list–it’s going to be a funny one 🙂 Here are some things I got the pleasure to learn on vacation.

  • Never spray sunscreen in the opposite direction of the wind. My cousin learned this and got a face full of sunscreen, lol. A lot of chuckles were passed.
  • Drink on vacation but don’t get tipsy/drunk. My uncle had the goal one day to get me drunk off the resort’s bar. Unfortunately, he succeeded. I didn’t mind it, as I’m with family and we were having fun, but when we got back to the hotel, I felt bad. My grandfather had bought me vodka and cranberry juice which I never had the opportunity to share with him, and I didn’t recover fully for three days (another note to self–stick to shots). So, I’ll stick to one drink (at a time) and not getting anywhere near the tipsy stage while on vacation.
  • Get on the highway FAST. We almost got hit coming onto Route 1 because everyone drives like maniacs! Use your caution and best judgment. And when in doubt of the driver’s abilities, scream.
  • Watch the sunset. The sunset is amazing, especially in Key West. Sit down and watch it. Everyone comes to the docks in Key West and it gets quiet around the time the sun’s about to completely set. It’s a beautiful experience

  • Become one with nature–go snorkeling, kayaking, or out on a boat. Watch for the wildlife out there and see what you can find. There’s sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, sting rays and tons of fish. Look at them! Look at how peaceful they are, just swimming along like Dory. It’s so easy to connect with nature in the Keys, and it’s awesome!
  • Watch for car doors–haha! I have to put this in. We were hurrying to get to a dock one day and I closed the car door on my finger. Two weeks later and I am STILL recovering, and my finger still hurts like a b***h. Don’t do it. Just don’t, lol.
  • RELAX. Don’t think about work, school, or any other stressors. Just sleep in, relax, and breathe. The Keys is full of relaxation and spaces you can just be by yourself. Go by the water, lie in a hammock (my fave), close your eyes, and just take in the moment. Your body and mind will thank you.

The Keys and the time I spent with my family helped me concentrate on what was also really stressing me out during my daily life, and I made changes to stop that stressor even before I got home (that goes against the relax bullet, I know, but it made me feel extremely better). I also connected with family so much more than I imagined I would, which was the ultimate pro 🙂

And if you’re in the Keys, know that I am very jellin’ 😉