How to become mentally strong (according to research)

Our society really likes to push the idea of being physically fit, but what about the mental aspect of being mentally strong?

This aspect, I believe, is often overlooked, and I’m not sure why—it’s such an important part of your journey (regardless of what your journey may be) and it’s harder than telling your body what to do. Your mind will bring up what ifs and excuses as to why you can’t do things. You mind can either make or break you.

I researched the mental aspects of athletes and how they maintain a mentally strong aspect while they are playing sports, and these are things that anyone can do to accomplish any goal they have.

How to become mentally strong (according to athletes)

  1. Meditate—I read a long long loooong time ago an article from a US Olympic athlete and what she does to help her stay calm when the games come around. She said that she meditates for ten minutes, tries to keep her head clear and do nothing for that time. Meditation can do wonders for you! It’ll help you get out of your head essentially, and become more aware of your surroundings and the world we live in.
  2. Imagine your dreams—what if your dreams could come true? Well.. can I tell you that that’s actually possible? Imagining yourself accomplishing something, such as rocking that speech for school, or making that score for your team, will actually help you to make it a reality. Nothing is impossible, and the thing that gets in the way of us reaching our goal is usually ourselves (take a moment to let that sink in). If you were 100% behind you, cheering you on, you would be unstoppable. And you can get to that point!
  3. Associative thinking—this can be a very confusing topic. To make it short and sweet, listen to your thoughts and look into your dreams and what they interpret to. We aim to make our thoughts positive and powerful, not pessimistic and poor. It usually starts with forced thoughts, such as “I can do this” even though you may not think you can. If you continue to change thoughts like this, you will find that you eventually have more positive thoughts. You believe in yourself more, and you find those thoughts come to you like second nature.