Workout Plan to Lose Weight (Without Going Crazy)

What up y’all!

Today we are going to be talking about you kind of workout plan you need to follow in order to lose weight. It can be super frustrating in the beginning of your fitness journey to figure out all of the components you need to put into your workout routine. So, have no fear–I am here! 😉

What I have recommended for most of my clients is this:

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Working Out When You’re Sick A.F.

Working Out When You’re Sick A.F.

After a successful week of working out, hardcore, with no problems whatsoever, I got a double ear infection *insert sad face here*. I haven’t been sick for months, thank God, but once that infection hits it’s like seriously?! Could you not tell that I don’t have time to deal with sinus/ear infections?

Granted, I used to have chronic sinusitis, where I had them every. month. So, this is a lot more favorable for me. It still sucks though, haha.

So, after taking ONE DAY off from working out (yes, that’s a long time for me! LOL), I went to the gym today, ready to get through and chest and shoulder workout, even if that meant I’d be crawling out of the gym afterwards. And let me tell you–working out when you don’t feel your best is HARD. You probably know that by now, too.

Not only did I think it was a good idea to superset all my exercises and complete a burnout round, I also tried to use the weights that I last left off on. Not a good idea. I was doing incline bench presses with dumbbells and realized I had no energy whatsoever to lift what I usually do. So I had to go a little lighter–again, not bad, but still! I want my energy back!

Tomorrow is legs. That’ll be interesting. You can bet I’m going to be carb loading all day and taking some Aspirin for this nonstop headache. I know that I should stay home, let my body rest, but it’s really only my head that hurts. Ever have that? Where your whole body (minus your head) feels great, but you’re head feels like calling the shots. How selfish!

The gym is therapy, though. It’s my form of “me time” that helps me stay focused and happy. So, I guess you have to choose your battles, eh?

COMFY Activewear Haul

COMFY Activewear Haul

I hate clothes shopping. Even if it’s for workout clothes. And I imagine that there are plenty other young ladies that feel the same way–they don’t want to be stuck in a clothing store only to find ONE thing after an hour search. Or is it just me? Yes? No? Oh well 🙂

SO, here are some clothes that I’d highly recommend for those that just want comfortable active wear that isn’t going to make them go nuts during a workout! There’s nothing worse than having a tight sports bra cramping your workout style.

All the clothes that I bought you can click so that you can buy them, too (isn’t that convenient? You don’t even have to go outside!). I personally found them in store, but to save the hassle of searching through rows and rows of clothes, it’s just easier to purchase them online. The links I list do not mean you have to buy them there–if you find a cheaper site, or you find them in store, go right for it! This is just to help you 🙂

Nike Womens Dri-Fit Racerback Tank Top Red M

This has become my new favorite workout tank. Maybe it’s because it kind of matches my hair (it’s hard to find clothes that flatter certain hair colors), but this tank is SO comfortable, and I love how it looks with the sports bra I’m wearing underneath.



Reebok Performer Singlet Shirt

I am in love with the back! It’s very pretty.

Size is M

8/10 (definitely need a different hair color, but a 10/10 if I was still blonde 😉 )



ASICS Women’s Racerback Bra, Abstract Nuage Print, Small

^^I need a L/G in order for it to fit my bust; just something to take into consideration, because I am a 34C 🙂

This is the closest sports bra I could find to the one I bought (I found this at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.99), so I am sorry that I couldn’t find this color on the web. If you can find it online please let me know so I can update it.

BUT, the one that I listed sounds exactly like the one I have, just different colors. Because it’s seamless, it’s very comfortable, and I wish they actually had different colors because I don’t have too much that matches neon. It’s always hard finding a sports bra that also looks “normal”, as there are some weird looking what-the-heck-is-this type bras that I have tried on, so it’s hard for me to find sports bras. This one is super comfortable and does not feel itchy whatsoever. I’ll probably buy more from the link above so that I have a solid black one, too.


I am 100% happy with what I was able to find. I did try on a lot of other tanks and sports bras, but I am very stingy on spending money on clothes. If I know I’m not going to wear it, because I’m not completely comfortable in it, then I won’t buy it. That simple. That’s why I like sharing what I find, because you’ll have some considerations when you want to buy more activewear!

Where do you buy your activewear?


How to Track Your Workouts (And Why You Should!)

How to Track Your Workouts (And Why You Should!)

(This is an honest, unpaid review of a mad awesome app)

Ever heard someone say that in order to see results, you have to log your workouts? I would back this guy up–he/she knows a thing or two. And, to be honest, it’s one of the easiest things to do, so why not do it for your own good? So, I’m going to teach you how to track your workouts so that you see the results you want! 🙂

Why is it important to track your workouts?

It’s crucial to make sure that you are constantly pushing yourself, and make sure you are making progress (through adding weight, doing more during a workout, and so on). I can tell that I’m progressing when I look at where I first began, with all the weights and reps recorded, compared to where I am now, and that’s one perk of tracking workouts from the beginning of my journey.

If you don’t know how to track your workouts, it’s a lot simpler than you think–you don’t need to bring that notepad to the gym, or write it all down on your phone. Instead, there’s an app that will gladly help you keep everything in one place.

And this app is…

*Drum roll please*

Image result for bodyspace


BodySpace allows you to create your own workouts, try a workout someone else is doing, and even schedule future workouts so you have them in the palm of your hand right when you walk into the gym. This helped save me a lot of time, both in the gym and out of the gym (when I’m searching for my last PR on a piece of paper in my house!) and has been so awesome that I’ve been using it for 2 years now.

It was one of the best things I discovered from when I was constantly on their website, reading articles while practicing for my Personal Trainer Certification Exam and I really fell in love with their website and content. I would highly recommend visiting their website if you haven’t already heard of it (which I believe would be highly unlikely!).

Best thing? It’s free 🙂

How do you track your workouts?


3 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

Not seeings results is a very common thing you hear in the fitness field, mainly because people aren’t s

ure, or educated enough on the body, to get to where they want to be.

During a training session I noticed one of my hardest working clients was looking a little frazzled; although we had upped most of the weight on his exercises, and had him losing weight fairly quickly, he didn’t seem to be in too good of a mood like usual. I asked him and he told me something a lot of people hear and say in the beginning of fitness journeys.

“I feel like I’m not seeing results.”

This is something Personal Trainers dread to hear, and raises a couple questions.

Is it me? Could I be doing something more for him and his goals?

Is it him? Is he not doing all that he can on those days off to be reaching his goals?

Personal Trainers want to see you succeed. They want you to feel good about yourself. And to hear (and clearly see) that my client was not happy made me not happy. We were making great progress, and yet he wasn’t happy. Heck, I was so proud of how much progress he was making, but he wasn’t. Why is he not seeing results?

And that’s when a light bulb went off in my head. He was focusing on the end goal, and not looking at how much progress he was making. He just wanted to get the results–get that lean, muscular body in less time than it was taking. And that’s why he wasn’t happy.

When we talked, we discussed how we had lost x amount of weight (which was awesome for how long we had been training together!) and how he was getting stronger every week, and he realized what I had beforehand. After that, the workout went a lot smoother, and became more fun 🙂

Ladies and gents, your fitness journey is a life journey.

This isn’t always the case, though–sometimes, you aren’t progressing, and you don’t know why. So, let’s break it down some more and look at some reasons why you may not be seeing the results you want:

You’re not seeing results because..

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