The 5 Best Habits to Start this Year!

“It takes 21 days to create a habit”–I’ve heard this saying a lot! You gotta keep doing something over and over again for it to become a habit (and hopefully it’s a good one!). Makes sense, doesn’t it?

BUT what you don’t realize is that those “21 days” are difficult. It’s a journey and if you really want it, you will fight through thick and thin to reach it. THOSE are the people who are able to change their habits. That will is what separates those who go to the gym and crush their goals, and those who go for a week and then find themselves with no time (or desire) to go back.

If you really want to get fit and be the healthiest you’ve been, there are a couple habits you can learn that will let you feel (and look) your best. And they’re not difficult at all!

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