Booty Building Hacks: How to Build Your Butt

What’s up y’all!

Almost every gym girl can relate to the I-want-a-bigger-butt syndrome that is currently plaguing gyms across the nation, am I right? Every time I am working out, I see at least two girls working on their booty game. Heck, sometimes that what I think some girls only work on–in which case, remember that upper body love, too!

While I’m just playing around with y’all (although there is some seriousness in that paragraph above), everyone wants to know how to build their butt. It’s part of our society right now–all women are expected to have that huge butt and small waistline. Something that really isn’t achievable, but is expected from us.

Nonetheless, I want to say that you can definitely build your butt up–this is totally achievable for anyone who wants to do it. Here are some of my tips for building your booty and making them booty gains.

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